Cabinet Ranks according to Department.

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Cabinet Ranks according to Department.

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:35 pm

Executive Office of the President [EOP]:

1. President [1iC]

2. Vice President [2iC]

3. Chief of Staff [3iC]

4. Deputy Chief of Staff [4iC] [S]

5. Deputy Chief of Staff [4iC] [P]

6. National Security Advisor [5iC]

7. Director of Legislative Affairs [5iC]

8. Director of Communication [5iC]

9. Presidential Advisor [5iC]

10. Vice Presidential Advisor [5iC]

11. Aide to the President [5iC]

12. Aide to the Vice President [5iC]

Office of Communication [OOC]:

1. Director of Communication [5iC]

2. Deputy Director of Communication [6iC]

3. Press Secretary [6iC]

Office of Legislative Affairs [OoLA]:

1. Director of Legislative Affairs [5iC]

2. Secretary of Agriculture [7iC]

Department of State [DoS]:

1. Secretary of State [5iC]

2. Secretary of Interior [7iC]

Department of Justice [DoJ]:

1. Attorney General [6iC]

Department of the Treasury [DoT]:

1. Secretary of Treasury [6iC]

2. Secretary of Labor [7iC]

3. Secretary of Commerce [7iC]

4. Secretary of Energy [7iC]

5. Secretary of Transportation [7iC]

6. Secretary of Health and Human Services [7iC]

7. Secretary of Housing and Human Development [7iC]

Department of Defense [DoD]:

1. Secretary of Defense [6iC]

2. Secretary of Homeland Security [7iC]

Department of Education [DoE]:

1. Secretary of Education [7iC]

Department of Veteran Affairs [DoVA]:

1. Secretary of Veteran Affairs [7iC]


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