Plaintiff and Defence script.

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Plaintiff and Defence script.

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:27 pm

Opening Statement
( You guys can edit you can do evidence)
Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, distinguished guests,
I am [Name] and I will be representing myself during the duration
of this trial.
On the on the 3rd of June 1990 ,, At 3:30 GMT PM , I was accused of for swearing and being abusive These accusations only rise complete sadness in myself to have the Plaintiff believe
that such allegations could even be true.
This occurred at the “White House” owned by ‘BigTits.”
as prescribed by the Court Description of Federal Court Docket FC-752 Today I will be offering one screenshot and zero Witnesses(s) to the court.
I hope the court will see true justice by the ending of this trial,
And the proper people brought to justice.
May both parties remain vigilant and respectful of the court traditions during this session.
The defense will now rest your honor.
Evidence Portion
Your honor, and members of the jury, my first piece of evidence is in the form of a screenshot.
I shall describe the legitimacy of the piece of evidence,
before I proceed to the actual events of the case.
You'll notice by looking at the URL, it is at the far left within the address bar of the screenshot,
(The URL is located inside the address bar, which is located in the top center of the screen),
that the displayed URL is: "www-habbo-com/client” (.'s are replaced with -'s for censoring reasons.)
The Time and Date displayed on the screenshot at the bottom right corner.
The date is in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format (MM=Month, DD=Day, YYYY=Year)
Knowing this, the Date is shown as: "06/03/
May the court note that this is separated due to censoring reasons.
The Time is in the format of: [H:MM] [AM/PM] [Time Zone]. (H=Hour, MM= Minutes).
The time reads “5:24 PM EST".
Please note that AM/PM are not applicable to the case at hand, so they will not be included.
(The time is above the date while the date is below the time.)
At the lower left-hand side of the screenshot, you can see a window labeled "Room info".
The Room info's default position was the middle of the screenshot,
but was moved in order to not interfere with any evidence.
Within that, you can see the Room Name, which is "White House".
The Room Owner is located under the Room Name, represented by "Financier’ This screenshot was taken by myself, which is proven as my playercard is open
and displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the client, above the Date/Time.
You can see "USAlod" (in bold white lettering) located in the top left hand corner
within the player card itself. Please note that the name is to the right of the house icon.
It also contains a yellow pencil to the left of my motto,
(The motto is located in the middle of the playercard, in the lighter gray box.)
thus proving I am the one who took the screenshot.
You can see the "Chooser" window located at the top right corner of the screenshot.
This was opened by typing ":chooser" in the white chat box at the bottom middle of the screen.
In the "Chooser" window, you can see the following usernames:

The other names are not relevant to the case so they will not be mentioned in this court.
Now, moving onto the screenshot, in the screenshot you will see the chat history open,
which can be pulled down from the top center of the screen (as I was using old chat history at the
time). In the chat history, you will see a conversation between myself and “”
The conversation starts off as follows:
USAlod: ‘Hello Ethan stop dancing ‘
Ethan: ‘ Hey you cnt i do as i please you bully ‘
USAlod: ‘ Man im only tryna help.’
Ethan: ‘ Go jump off a clif’’

-End Chat Log-
That is the ending of the conversation between myself, and Ethan.
I hope this chatlog proves sufficient to the court and is accepted as evidence.
That is all, your honor.

Closing Statements
Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, distinguished guests of the White House,
once again I am USAlod representing myself during this trial.
On the 3rd of June, 2015 at 5:24pm EST. I was accused of bullying the plaintiff.
This occurred at “White House” owned by ‘Financier”.
The evidence was not accepted due to an accidental error.
The defense would like to thank you honor on allowing this case to be disputed today.
The opposing counsel has his evidence accepted into the court
The actions put forward by the Plaintiff upset my very much, and I hope actions take control here.
Therefore I call for a firm NOT GUILTY verdict by the court.
Thank you.
I now rest your honor.


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