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Judicial Script.

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Judicial Interview Script.
(Don’t use Colored Chat)
Hello and welcome to the Judicial interview!
I wish you all the best during the Interview.
In this interview I expect complete silence.
If you fail to abide by this rule, you will be escorted out.
I'm going to list you a few rules before we begin the interview.
1. Please do NOT Go AFK or Leave at anytime during the Interview, unless lagged out.
2. Please do NOT speak while I am, unless you're answering a question or have been given permission.
3. Please do NOT cheat during the Interview. This includes asking other employees, and using internet sites.
If you abide by these listed rules there will be no problems.
Is that clear?
If you get stuck on any of the questions, just say pass.
Please Note: You are going to be timed on each question, so ensure that you be as fast as possible.
Do you have any questions before we begin?

Section One - Basic Knowledge
1. Name all the central branches of this White House.
(Answer - SS, Senate, Judicial and Cabinet)
(Point Mark - 5)
2. What rank leads the Cabinet Branch?
(Answer - The President)
(Point Mark - 5)
3. What rank Leads the Senate Branch?
(Answer - Speaker of The House)
(Point Mark - 5)
4. What rank Leads the Judicial Branch?
(Answer - Chief Justice)
(Point Mark - 5)
(Total Marks - 20)

Section Two - Judicial Knowledge
1. What does the Judicial Branch do?
(Answer - Conduct Bill Review, Hold Mock Trials and Court Cases, Solve White House Problems)
(Point Mark - 5)
2. What is a Mock Trial?
(Answer - Anything along the lines of a fake trial, practice trial, etc. [you should already know] )
(Point Mark - 5)
3. What are the two levels of court in this White House?
(Answer - Federal Court & Supreme Court )
(Point Mark - 5)

Section Three - Mini Mock Trial
1. Why shouldn't you be biased or take sides in the courtroom?
(Answer - Anything along the lines of Unfair)
(Point Mark - 5)
2. What would your verdict be on the following case..
An SS Adv. Guard was fired by a HR for double jobbing. The HR presents a screenie and a witness But the evidence brought forth by the HR wasn’t allowed into Court due to various reasons.
(Answer - Not-Guilty)
(Point Mark - 5 )
3. What can happen if you misbehave or goof around whilst in court?
(Answer - Anything along the lines of being kicked out or escorted out from court. Charged with Contempt of Court is also a fair answer.)
(Point Mark - 5)
(Total Marks - 30)

Section Four - Extra Credit Questions
1. Who is the Current Vice President of this White House?
(Answer - you should know)
(Point Mark - 2)
2. Who is the Current Chief Justice?
(Answer - You should know)
(Point Mark - 2)
3. Can you tell me the steps taken by the judge of a trial?
(Answer - If they know the basic outline just give them the points, if not explain to them what the Procedure is)
(Point Mark - 10)
4. Please name six ranks you can think of that work in the Judicial Branch.
(Answer - Just make sure the answer is in some way legit)
(Point Mark - 1 point per answer)
5. How is the Vice President selected within this White House?
(Answer - The Vice President is elected by an election through voting.)
(Point Mark - 5)
The Interview is now over.
(Total Marks - 19)
(19 + 30 + 20 = 69)

Count up the scores and tell them whether they have passed the test or failed.
Points Markings
(50 & Below, Fail)
(51-55, Decided by Leadership)
(56+, You must pass them)
Total Score: 75 points
If they passed, get the user to add : WHPoll
Remember to make them request Judicial ID.
Change the motto to; [WH] Attorney [9iC]
You must submit the interview on the forums under ‘Task Submission’.
Remind them to read over the Attorney Guidebook to ensure they understand the branch.


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