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SS Training Script

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:53 pm

This training script is for use by SS staff 9iC+ only.
With permission from the Commanding Officer, other 7iC+ users may train.
EOP have the right to train when/if they need to.

All text inside asterisks (*) are trainer notes, not to be said during training.
Text within (-=) are titles, and should also not be said during training.
When training, please copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) the text line by line into the room.
Please try to pace yourself, and do not spam the room, as this may cause frustration and confusion from the trainee.

Remember to use your unique Promotional Tag at the end of the new Cadet's motto.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If the first training room is taken, you must say training2 to open the rope to the second training room. Please remember to say the code again once everyone has entered the room to close the rope.

-=SS Training Script=-
-Hello, and welcome to the White House.
-My name is [Name or Username] and I will be your trainer today.
-I ask that during this training we have no interruptions.
-If you need to go AFK/idle for any reason, please tell me.
-At the end of this training, there will be a test so I suggest you take notes.
-Any questions before we begin?
-First of all, some information about the White House.
-Our current President is Silver2446, and our Vice President is TheSweetMuffin
-Here at the White House we have four branches.
-These are Judicial, Senate, Secret Service and the Presidential Cabinet.
-After you finish your training, if you pass you will become a SS Cadet.
-After this, if you work hard you will be interviewed to be in one of the first 3 branches.
-Every week, we have a meeting to update each other on the events of the week.
-This meeting takes place every Saturday at 9:30pm BST/4:30pm EST.
-Please try your best to attend this meeting every week.
-Any general questions about the White House or the meeting before we begin?

-In the White House, we have six main commands.
-1- FTF=Fill The Front
-When you are given this command, you take a seat at the front desk.
-If someone sits opposite you, greet them with:
-“Hello Sir/Ma'am, welcome to the White House. How may I help you?”
-If they request a job, ask them to change their motto to [WH] SS Trainee.
-If they request something you are unsure of, such as a transfer, ask for the Commanding Officer.
-2- FTB=Fill The Back
-When given this command, go to the break room and fill the available seats.
-3- FTS=Fill The Security
-When given this command, go to the Gate Control room and man the gates.
-You will be taught how to use the GC room later.
-4- BTB=Back To Base
-This is usually only given after a meeting out of HQ. Head back to HQ when given.
-5- CTH=Clear The Hallway
-When given this command, you must clear all hallways in HQ and either sit FTF, FTS or FTB.
-6- ATT=Attention
-When you’re given this command, stand, wave and say “Sir, yes, Sir/Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am”.
-Do not leave until you are told AE (At Ease) or something to that effect.
-Are there any questions about the commands before we move on?

-Now for some basic WH rules.
-1- Do not ask for a promotion.
-2- Do not fake a promotion.
-3- Do not ask for rights.
-4- Do not discriminate. (No racism, homophobia, transphobia etc.)
-5- Always listen to commands given by a high rank
-6- No effects within the HQ.
-7- A uniform (something smart, I.e- a suit) must be worn at all times whilst representing us.
-8- Do not go AFK at the front desk or at the GC.
-9- Do not block the hallways.
-10- Do not go into the VIP room, unless you are 1iC-7iC.
-11- Do not fastwalk.
-12- Do not double job.
-This includes agencies outside of peace hotel.
-13- Do not use caps.
-14- Do not use colored chat.
- Are there any questions about the rules before we move on?

-We will now move on to a 6 question test.
-In order to pass, you must answer at least 3 of the 6 questions correctly.
-Any questions before the test?

*If there is more than one trainee in training, ask them to whisper their answers to you*

-Q1: Name and give the definition of all six of the commands.
-Q2: What do you do if you are approached at the front desk?
-Q3: Who is our President and Vice President?
-Q4: Name AT LEAST three of the White House Branches.
-Q5: Name five of the rules of the White House.
-Q6: Please demonstrate the following: ATT.

-You may now AE.

*Whisper the following if there is more than one trainee being trained*

*If the trainee has answered minimum 3 questions correctly:*
-Congratulations, you have passed! Please go to the black gates and wait for me there.

*If the trainee has answered 3 or more questions incorrectly:*
-I’m sorry, you did not pass, but feel free to come back and try again.


-=Gate Control Training=-

-This is an imitation of the Gate Control.
-This room in HQ is where you will be expected to work if you are told to FTS.

*Say ‘trainingentrance’ and you will tele to the front of the training.*

-Take a seat in the chair nearest to me.
-Before letting someone in, always check they have a WH motto, and check the stickies.
-To start, press the levers on the top to open the blue gates.
-The one on the left opens the left gate, while the right opens the right gate.
-This will let the worker inside of the roller area.
-To let the worker through into the HQ, use the lever on the ground to your side.

*Go through the GC as the Cadet operates it. Now say trainingentrance again*

-Open the blue gates again.
-Now, imagine I do not work at the WH, and my motto is not valid.
-Step onto the red tile, until I have been teleported away.

*Say trainingentrance*

-This time, imagine I have the Trainee motto that you are wearing.
-You will now stand on the green tile, until I am teleported to the training room.

*Say trainingcontrol and stand at the large doors outside the training room*

-Now, imagine I am a trainer.
-Switch chairs, and use the lever on top to let me into the same room.
-Then use the lever by your side on the ground to open the gate leading to the training room.
-You’ll need to open this again and again until each person has gone through.

*Go through the door at the training room part and you’ll come out next to the Cadet.*

*If the trainees have PROMISE in the GC room (they do not have to be perfect) promote them to Cadet I*

-Congratulations, you have nearly finished your training.
-Please make your motto [WH] SS Cadet I [TAG]
-Please note down or remember my username, as they will ask you for it in security when you enter.
-Before we go back to base, you must wear uniform.
-This uniform must be smart and formal.
-Please design one now.
-This outfit should be saved and worn at all times while in HQ.

*Give them the chance to design their look*

-When we get back to base, I will give you a tour of the rooms. Please follow me until I AE you.
-Okay, good. Let’s head back to base.

*Go through the teleporter. At the SS base say backtobase to open the gate to the tele that takes you to the HQ.*

-=Function of Rooms=-

*Go to the Front and say this:*
-This is the front (FTF) where you will hire new members.

*Go to the Security and say this:*
-This is the security (FTS) where you will let staff members in, and kick people out.

*Go to the meeting room and say this:*
-This is the meeting room, it can be used as an extra AFK Room, but only when the other one is filled.

*Go to the AFK Room people usually use and say this:*
-This is the AFK room for any Rank (FTB), if you need to AFK and are not 7iC-1iC, you come in here.

*Stand at door of VIP Room and say this:*
-This is the VIP room for 7iC+, Allies and VIP, do not come in here until you are given permission.

*Go to the Library/Transfer room and say this:*
-This is the Library. This is often where promotions and transfers take place.
-This is where the VIP, AV and LoA lists are located.

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